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My work spans the development of technology devices in general. From software products to robotic devices. I have lead teams to create award winning robotic devices (IoT).

Book: The Guide of Mobile App Development

I written a book to help those interested in app development. It contains up-to-date information and is therefore a constant work in progress. Click here to get either an eletronic or paperback copy:

The Guide of Mobile App Development


TECHNOLOGY: QueBall 1 & QueBall 2

Tamie Salter Tamie Salter Tamie Salter Tamie Salter

TECHNOLOGY: KOULEbot, the latest evolution in smart spheres

Tamie Salter Tamie Salter Tamie Salter

Technology from Idea to Sales

I have overseen every stage of development of a technology device. From the conception of the orginial idea through to R & D to rapid prototyping to testing to manufacture to sales.

Human-Device Interaction Expert

I understand the needs of the end user, how to obtain the user's requirements, and then how to design, produce, and manufacture a device to meet their needs. Devices should be out of the box simple to use. A smart product design combined with a smart device user interface makes the end users experience easy and intuitive.


A robotic device can be a complex mix of both firmware and end user interface software. Both must be developed to create a device that works and interacts with user in a seamless manner. This requires overseeing programmers with different expertize.

Multi-Disciplinary Development

To ensure an exceptional final product I have worked with people from a multitude of different disciplines including: school curriculum designers, electrical engineers, therapists, mechanical engineers, parents, software engineers, teachers, manufacturers...


I have worked with both mechanical engineering and electrical engineering. I have developed a patented Touch Sensing Technology allowing touch interactivity in spheres. I have worked devices that have Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, on-board memory, sound chips, servo motors and MCUs.


Devices must be extensively tested to guarantee success when sold. QueBall, a device I developed was tested in multiple schools, homes, play groups, therapy centers, and research institutions. This allowed me to test every situation the device would encounter and then to build this information into the final design.

SOFTWARE: Apps (iOS & Android), API's and development kits for 3rd Parties

KOULEclock KOULEclock KOULEbot screen Learn Emotions KOULEbot screen KOULErecord client page Learn Emotions KOULErecord client info KOULEbot Developer Learn Emotions Learn Emotions

iOS & Android Apps, Website development and Firmware

Software must be developed with good programming practices. Including such things as, well thought out architectures, documentation and extensive testing.

Designed for the End User

Usability is large part of software development. The end product must be easily useable, intuitive and a delight to use.


Data Collection

Data collection is extremely important for both users and companies. I have experience in collecting data and from both apps and technology devices. I also have experience in then transferring this data into a human readable form with report generation and results through a website. The user should be able to easily navigate the data. Data of course comes along with lots of responsibility on the companies side to make sure the data is secure and not compromised.